Partner Employer


Platinum Partners are employers that would like to receive free job advertising and receive pre-screened candidate referrals by working with Work for Warriors NV. Platinum Partners will be able to send open jobs to be posted on our website and are invited to attend all local events hosted by Work for Warriors at no cost. Platinum Partners will be highlighted in our newsletter, and every month a Platinum Partner will be chosen as Employer of the Month and showcased on the Work for Warriors website and social media.

In order to register as a Platinum Partner, the organization must agree to send open positions through our Job Posting Submission Approval process on a consistent and regular basis. The organization must agree that Work for Warriors will only post positions that meet the minimum living wage requirements for the region of which the vacancy is located.

For example, due to cost-of-living rates in the Reno, NV area, a minimum livable wage has been determined to be $15/hr. Therefore, we will not advertise a position below that amount. Minimum livable rates are different depending on geographic area and are subject to change depending on the Cost of Living for the region. If a position is not approved for posting, Work for Warriors will contact the organization and explain the reason for denial.

A Platinum Partner must designate a single point of contact to whom Work for Warriors can send candidate referrals. If that point of contact changes, contact information needs to be updated within our system in order to retain status as a Platinum Partner. The organization will also agree to provide feedback regarding candidate referrals when requested.

Work for Warriors agrees to send pre-screened candidates to Platinum Partners through a designated point of contact and to develop the best referral process with a partner to ensure efficiency. Should the candidate meet the requirements for the position, the organization agrees to guarantee an interview for the vacancy posted.

As a Platinum Partner, you will be invited to participate in all events hosted or co-hosted by Work for Warriors NV.


·        Work for Warriors utilizes social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn as well as our website to

         advertise events, employment opportunities, and information

·        Work for Warriors utilizes an independent job board site to advertise open positions as well

·        Work for Warriors also disseminates employer information in other media types such as flyers, cards and emails

Job Posting

·        All jobs will be posted on and social media

·        Require high-definition image of Organization Logo to advertise

·        Requires full description of the position and duties involved with the position, and a full description of the employment                                   requirements must be specified.

·        Require a full description of certifications or licenses needed for the position advertised

·        Require disclosure of salary rates (Employer has the option to not disclose salary in job posting)

·        All positions are required to meet the minimum livable wage requirement for the geographic region of the vacancy

·        Requires a close date in order to end job announcement

·        Must disclose physical and environmental working expectations


·        All referrals will be sent via email to the designated representative with contact information for the candidate, position                                   referred to and candidate resume

·        All referrals will complete the organization’s normal application process unless otherwise requested

·        All Platinum Partners must respond to referrals within 3-5 business days


·        All invitations to upcoming events are sent via email to the designated representative selected during registration

·        All events are free of charge

·        Event registration may be required in order to attend events

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Army National Guard
Nevada Army National Guard
Air National Guard
United States Naval Reserve
United States Marine Corps Reserve
United States Air Force Reserve
United States Coast Guard Reserve