This option allows for direct contact with Work for Warriors Veteran Employment Coordinators, and the ability to share available positions. Unfortunately, this option does not include any marketing or promotional privileges. Premier Partners are employers that are notified of upcoming events and utilize resources available to them for their Veteran Hiring Initiatives. These organizations can receive candidate referrals; however, they are not able to post positions on our website. Premier Partners are employers that are contacted periodically by Work for Warriors regarding vacancies announced by their organizations only when a qualified candidate notifies Work for Warriors that they have applied for a current vacancy available within the Premier Partner’s organization. Work for Warriors may notify candidates of positions available with Premier Partner’s organization while working individually with a candidate and they display interest in one or more of the organizations currently announced positions.

A Veteran Employment Coordinator may send a referral to the organization notifying them that a veteran candidate has applied for their vacancy. The employer is required to evaluate all Work for Warriors candidate applications to maintain Premier Partner status.

Premier Partners must provide organization contact information and update the information should the point of contact change. Premier Partners can upgrade to Platinum Partner at any time by registering again through the employer registration portal and selecting Platinum.


·        All referrals will be sent via email to the designated representative with contact information of the candidate, position referred to, and                 candidate resume

·        All referrals will complete the organization’s normal application process unless otherwise requested

·        All Premier Partners must respond to referrals within 3-5 business days


·        All invitations to career events are sent via email to the designated representative selected during registration

·        All events are free of charge

·        Event registration may be required in order to attend events

Partner Employer 


United States Army Reserve
Army National Guard
Nevada Army National Guard
Air National Guard
United States Naval Reserve
United States Marine Corps Reserve
United States Air Force Reserve
United States Coast Guard Reserve