Community Partner

This status is reserved for Community Providers who provide services to Service Members, Veterans, National Guard & Reserves and their families free of charge. These organizations are usually not for profit but are not limited to that status. By registering as a Prime Partner your services and organization are advertised as a resource to our clients and their families. Prime Partners are invited to events where community resources are welcomed.

To register as a Prime Partner, services provided must be free of charge with no expectation or request of monetary value expected. Upon registration, services and requirements must be detailed and provided to Work for Warriors in order to advertise services. A single point of contact must be provided in order to efficiently provide referrals. If a community resource would like to utilize employment services, they must register a second time and select Platinum or Premier Partner. All types of resources are welcomed so that we may provide the best assistance possible to our candidates.  


·        Work for Warriors utilizes social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn as well as our website to advertise events,

         employment opportunities, and information.

·        Work for Warriors utilizes our independent website to advertise services provided.

·        Work for Warriors also disseminates employer information in other media types such as flyers, cards and emails.

Qualified Services Requirement

·        All services provided to referred Service Members, Veterans and their families cannot require any financial charges or items of monetary               value that are utilized to pay any Prime Partner. Exceptions are medical or mental health providers utilizing client’s medical insurance and             charging co-pays.

·        Be primarily involved in providing programs(s) and services that focus on the Community Impact Areas: Health, Education,

         Employment and Financial Stability. These programs must serve residents within the state of Nevada, and not provide any geographic             limitations


·        All referrals will be sent via email to the designated representative with contact information for the referral and services of which the client           is being sent for

·        Unless requested otherwise, all referrals will submit online applications if available

·        All Prime Partners must respond to referrals within 3-5 business days


·        All invitations to upcoming events are sent via email to the designated representative selected during registration

·        All events are free of charge

·        Event registration may be required in order to attend events

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Nevada Army National Guard
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