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Work for Warriors Partner Employers and Community Collaborators benefit by being given access to pre-screened candidates and engaging military and spouse talent earlier in the employment process. All our candidates work one-on-one with a Veteran Employment Coordinator and have been prepared with Military Occupational Specialty translations, resume preparation, interview skills, employer application processes and receive additional coaching on how to start a successful career ensuring a prepared and qualified candidate for our Partner Employers.

This program was designed to provide our Veterans and Military Families access to employers who are eager to hire Veterans and understand the value of hiring military talent, and the moral imperative to give back to those who served our country. Service men and women have outstanding leadership and technical skills that make them an asset to any organization. Engaging this key talent pool benefits a company in fundamental and measurable ways; a workforce with coveted core competencies that consistently fall within the top ten employer desired attributes, including:

·        Leadership

·        Teamwork

·        Critical thinking

·        Problem solving

·        Working under pressure


Work for Warriors will improve your ability to take advantage of outsourced recruitment solutions, through advertising, marketing, and job fairs that deliver pre-screened, skilled candidates all at no cost to your business.

Work for Warriors Nevada assesses the needs of the individual and strategically pairs them with opportunities aligned with their career goals, thus bringing you superiorly positioned candidates.

Learn more about the special benefits, tax credits and incentives for hiring veterans and service members from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


How we collaborate with employers:

·         Support Internal HR Process

·         Free outsourced recruitment

·         Free Advertising on job boards

·         Free Advertising on social media

·         Free targeted emails to job seekers

·         Free Candidate Search

·         Pre-Screened Candidates

·         Candidate Feedback 

·         Military Skills Translating

·         Free Hiring Events and Workshops

Work For Warriors Nevada collaborates with Community providers who offer services to Service Members, Veterans, National Guard & Reserves and their families free of charge. These organizations are usually not for profit but are not limited to that status. As a Community Collaborator your services and organization are advertised as a resource to our clients and their families and are invited to events where community resources are welcomed.

To be listed as a partnering Community Collaborator, services provided must be free of charge with no expectation or request of monetary value expected.  Services and requirements must be detailed and provided to Work for Warriors in order to advertise services. A single point of contact must be provided in order to efficiently provide referrals. All types of resources are welcomed so that we may provide the best assistance possible to our candidates.  

To be added as a Partnering Employer or CommunityCollaborator
contact us at:
(702) 632-0570 Southern Nevada
(775) 384-5813
Northern Nevada

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